News Release – Cassie and Molly’s Law

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MP Wagantall calls on Liberal Government not to ignore violence against pregnant women in national strategy to combat Gender-based violence

Ottawa, Ontario — Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament (Yorkton-Melville), is calling on the Liberal government to ensure its national strategy to address gender-based violence provides robust criminal justice measures to protect pregnant women and their future families from violent crime.

Status of Women Minister Patty Hadju is currently holding consultations on gender-based violence. However, the list of stakeholders and parties being interviewed by the Minister are not public, leaving uncertainty about how comprehensive the government’s strategy will be. In addition, there are no members of the Minister’s advisory council on gender-based violence with an expertise in addressing violence against pregnant women. The Criminal Code does not include provisions to increase an offender’s sentence for harming a pregnant woman and terminating her pregnancy as a result of the offence. MP Wagantall is advocating for the Liberal government to support her own Private Member’s Bill, Cassie and Molly’s Law, to address this gap in the Criminal Code that is leaving pregnant women vulnerable

“The Liberal government should adopt Cassie and Molly’s Law as one part of a national strategy to address gender-based violence. The 2017 deadline for this strategy is coming too late and this single Private Member’s Bill would accomplish more to protect women than any actions taken by this government to date,” said Wagantall.

Quick Facts:

  • A Nanos Research poll commissioned by MP Wagantall shows 97% of Canadians support a woman’s right to choose an abortion under varying circumstances and that nearly 70% of Canadians are supportive of Cassie and Molly’s Law, with support among women even higher at nearly 75%.
  • The legal experts at the leading constitutional law firm Supreme Advocacy have confirmed the constitutionality of Bill C-225 in a thorough report.
  • A Statistics Canada Study revealed that during 2004-2009, over 60,000 Canadian women were victims of domestic violence while pregnant.
  • The short title for Bill C-225, Cassie and Molly’s Law, is in reference to the 2014 murder of Cassie Kaake in Windsor, Ontario, when Cassie was weeks from giving birth to her daughter Molly.
  • Cassie and Molly’s Law has been endorsed by the Native Women’s Association of Canada and the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime.

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Media Contact:

Gail Sparrow, Legislative Assistant

Office of Cathay Wagantall, M.P.


SEE THE NEWS RELEASE: news-release-gender-based-violence-en-october-17-2016



Communiqué de Press – la Loi de Cassie et Molly

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La députée Wagantall rappelle au gouvernement libéral de ne pas oublier la violence contre les femmes enceintes dans sa stratégie nationale de lutte contre la violence fondée sur le sexe

Ottawa (Ontario) — Cathay Wagantall, députée (Yorkton-Melville), demande au gouvernement libéral de s’assurer que sa stratégie nationale pour lutter contre la violence fondée sur le sexe contient des mesures sévères en matière de justice pénale pour protéger les femmes enceintes et les futures familles des crimes violents.

La ministre de la Condition féminine, Patty Hadju, tient actuellement des consultations sur la violence fondée sur le sexe. Cependant, la liste des intervenants et des parties interrogés par la ministre n’étant pas publique, il plane une certaine incertitude sur la véritable portée de la future stratégie du gouvernement. De plus, aucun des membres du conseil consultatif ministériel sur la violence fondée sur le sexe ne possède une expertise dans la lutte contre la violence dont sont victimes les femmes enceintes. Le Code criminel ne contient pas de dispositions pour allonger la durée de la peine imposée à un délinquant qui a blessé une femme enceinte et qui, ce faisant, a entraîné la fin de la grossesse de celle-ci. La députée Wagantall se bat pour que le gouvernement libéral appuie son projet de loi, la Loi de Cassie et Molly, pour combler les lacunes du Code criminel qui laissent les femmes enceintes vulnérables.

« Le gouvernement libéral devrait adopter la Loi de Cassie et Molly dans le cadre de sa stratégie nationale de lutte contre la violence fondée sur le sexe. L’échéance de 2017 de cette stratégie arrive trop tard, et ce simple projet de loi d’initiative parlementaire accomplirait davantage pour protéger les femmes que toute action prise par ce gouvernement jusqu’à maintenant », a déclaré Mme Wagantall.

Faits en bref :

  • Un sondage de Nanos Research commandé par la députée Wagantall révèle que 97 % des Canadiens sont pour le droit des femmes de choisir l’avortement dans diverses circonstances et que près de 70% des Canadiens appuient la Loi de Cassie et Molly et parmi eux, un pourcentage encore plus élevé de femmes, qui atteint presque 75 %.
  • Les juristes du grand cabinet de droit constitutionnel Supreme Advocacy ont confirmé la constitutionnalité du projet de loi C225 dans un rapport exhaustif.
  • D’après une enquête menée par Statistique Canada, entre 2004 et 2009, plus de 60 000 Canadiennes ont été victimes de violence conjugale pendant une grossesse.
  • Le titre abrégé du projet de loi C-225, Loi de Cassie et Molly, se veut une allusion au meurtre, survenu en 2014, de Cassie Kaake, de Windsor, en Ontario, à quelques semaines de la naissance de sa fille, Molly.
  • La Loi de Cassie et Molly a reçu l’appui de l’Association des femmes autochtones du Canada et du Centre canadien des ressources pour les victimes de crimes.

Pour plus d’information, veuillez visiter


Renseignements :

Gail Sparrow, adjointe législative

Bureau de Cathay Wagantall, députée



Voir le Communiqué de Press: news-release-gender-based-violence-fr-october-17-2016

Celebrating Team Saskatchewan on Parliament Hill

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On September 22, at the invitation of Saskatchewan Conservative Caucus MPs and Senators, Team Saskatchewan had the opportunity to gather on Parliament Hill for a special reception. The event occurred during the recent Ottawa Staff Conference for both Hill and Constituency staff.

Shaking out umbrellas and hoods, Saskatchewan MPs, their staff members and a Senate staffer walked through the rain into the historic halls of Centre Block. Inside the stately Banking Room, people put faces to voices most often heard over phones, shared experiences and celebrated the work of the Saskatchewan Team.

For several hours, the team, many wearing Saskatchewan Roughrider T-shirts and jerseys (and one very special helmet belonging to MP David Anderson worn by MP Randy Hoback) enjoyed each other’s company. The evening included delicious and creatively presented refreshments prepared by the chefs from the Parliamentary Restaurant and personally paid by the MPs and Senators – no taxpayers’ money was used for this event!

The Province of Saskatchewan currently has three Conservative senators and ten Conservative Members of Parliament. Seven MPs made time to attend – David Anderson (Cypress Hills – Grasslands), Kelly Bock (Carlton Trail – Eagle Creek), Randy Hoback (Prince Albert), Robert Kitchen (Souris – Moose Mountain), Brad Trost, (Saskatoon – University) and Cathay Wagantall (Yorkton – Melville), joined by many of their assistants from on and off the Hill, as well as one staff member from Senator Raynell Andreychuk’s Hill office.

The event included door prizes and ended with a (first-time ever) group photo of those attending. On behalf of the Saskatchewan Caucus MPs, Chair Randy Hoback and Vice-Chair Cathay Wagantall, thanked staff members for the work done on their bosses’ behalf, acknowledging that without each other, all their accomplishments would be far less.

Truly, we have a great Saskatchewan T.E.A.M. – Together Everyone Achieves More!



New Horizons For Seniors Program

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Yorkton, SK – The federal government’s popular New Horizons for Seniors Program is once again accepting applications to help fund community-based projects. The deadline for this round is July 29, 2016. Since 2004, this program has contributed to communities across Canada by funding projects led or inspired by seniors, motivating many to use their skills, wisdom and experience to benefit other people in their communities.

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Op/Ed – June 15, 2016 – UN Arms Trade Treaty

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Justin Trudeau continues to promise to sign the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty

Despite many pressures and a continuous battle over the issue during his time as Prime Minister, Stephen Harper held off the anti-firearm forces and stood firm on his stance against the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty. That position protected the freedoms of law-abiding Canadian firearms owners from the unnecessary bureaucratic policies that the treaty would create. Justin Trudeau, however, is ignoring our nation’s sport shooters, hunters, and farmers and is pushing to sign this needless pact.


Liberal Government Denies ISIL’s Genocide Against Religious and Ethnic Minorities

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Ottawa, ON – On June 14th, Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton- Melville, stood in the House of Commons, alongside Conservative and opposition MPs, to vote in favour of recognizing the atrocities by the so-called Islamic State (ISIL) as genocide. The Honourable Rona Ambrose, Leader of the Official Opposition, presented a motion in Parliament to join Canada’s allies in recognizing the intent and actions of ISIL to commit genocide against Christians, Yazidis, Assyrians and Shia Muslims in Syria and Iraq.

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Canada 150 Infrastructure

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Application window runs from May 24 to June 22, 2016

Ottawa, ON – Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville, would like to ensure all communities in her riding are aware that a second call for proposals for the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program has been issued.

“There is a very small window of time to apply for funding under the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program, but I want to ensure every community in my riding at least has the opportunity to apply,” said Wagantall. “Since it is the second call for proposals, many of those communities who were unsuccessful following the first call last year will have their first applications on file, which will be helpful given the June 22 application deadline for this call. I encourage you to reapply, and for those who didn’t apply in 2015, this is your opportunity.”

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