BC ‘pink flag’ displays send a message on practice of sex-selective abortion in Canada

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA, ON— Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton—Melville, attended a series of ‘pink flag displays’ in Langley and Chilliwack, BC on September 12th. Organized by We Need a Law, the demonstrations informed members of the public about the practice of sex-selective abortion in Canada, as well as MP Wagantall’s private member’s bill, the Sex Selective Abortion Act (C-233). She was joined by Tamara Jansen, Member of Parliament for Cloverdale—Langley City; and Tako Van Popta, Member of Parliament for Langley—Aldergrove.

“I would like to thank all of the wonderful volunteers for allowing me to stand with them in defending the rights of pre-born girls who are being aborted simply because of their sex,” said Wagantall. “The pink flags are a visual and stark reminder that our country has a long way to go in defending the rights of women and girls, as well as equality between the sexes.”

In February, Wagantall introduced C-233 with the aim of prohibiting medical practitioners from performing an abortion due to sex selection. Canada is the only country other than North Korea to have no laws limiting abortion, including sex-selective abortion. Wagantall said that it is a Canadian problem that requires an urgent solution.

“If just one girl is aborted simply because of her sex, parliamentarians must act,” continued Wagantall. “Thankfully, Canadians of nearly all beliefs are united on this issue, with eighty-four percent stating that sex-selective abortion should be illegal. This is reasonable common ground that every member of parliament must thoughtfully consider.”

Wagantall had the opportunity to speak with the public and the media at all three events. A petition was also available for signature.

“I’m very encouraged by the public response to my bill. Thousands have signed the petition and are spreading the word, but many more are just now learning about the issue. Often, those I speak to are in disbelief that a country like Canada would permit this type of abortion. Canada must do better.” 

To learn more about the Sex Selective Abortion Act, visit www.cathaywagantall.ca/c233.