Justin Trudeau’s budget is a massive letdown for Canadians

For Immediate Release


Ottawa, ON – The Hon. Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Official Opposition, released the following statement in response to Justin Trudeau’s 2021 federal budget: 

“Canadians are asking for an economic recovery plan that improves their personal financial security by creating jobs, increasing wages, and lowering taxes. Unfortunately, this budget does next to nothing to secure the Canadian economy. 

“Unemployed Canadians hoping to find work, workers who have had their wages cut due to lockdowns, and families struggling to pay down their mortgage or save for their children’s post-secondary education – they are all going to feel let down by this Liberal budget. 

“The Prime Minister wants to test an out-of-control debt plan without any real stimulus, one that abandons the natural resource sector entirely, and provides no real fiscal anchor. This Ottawa-knows-best approach will continue to lead to ballooning housing costs, higher taxes, growing risk of inflation, and will leave millions of Canadians behind. 

"This Liberal budget has no plan for small business and is a temporary band-aid for young people. It is clear from what was presented today that Justin Trudeau continues to harm the financial security of Canadians and let them down. This needs to stop. 

“To secure the Canadian economy, Canada’s Conservatives will implement Canada’s Recovery Plan that secures your personal finances by recovering millions of jobs in the sectors hit hardest by the pandemic, helping those who have suffered the most, including women and young people.”