Mefloquine Meet


While in Washington DC earlier this week, MP Dr. Robert Kitchen and myself met with world renowned Mefloquine expert, Dr. Remington Nevin of the John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health in Baltimore. We were able to get updated on the many new developments that are occurring in relation to mefloquine research as well as developing policies worldwide.
I am optimistic that Canada will get in step with the rest of the world soon and take a strong stance against the use of this debilitating malaria drug both in the past and present instances. Dispense rates are significantly down in recent years and better package warning labels in August of 2016 are a sign of even more positive changes to come on this long standing issue. #IMVA, #THEROYALCANADIANLEGION, #MEFLOQUINE,#SOMALIA,#RWANDA,#AFGHANISTAN,#DRNEVIN,#MPROBERTKITCHEN