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June 2024 e-Newsletter: Ottawa's common sense in short supply

May 2024 e-Newsletter: More debt. More despair. More of the same.

Winter 2024 e-Newsletter: Axe the Tax. Build the homes. Fix the budget. Stop the crime.

November-December 2023 e-Newsletter: Merry Christmas!

October 2023 e-Newsletter: Liberal minister says the quiet part out loud

September 2023 e-Newsletter: Let's build homes, not bureaucracy

August 2023 e-Newsletter: Affordability not a priority for out-of-touch Trudeau

Spring 2023 e-Newsletter: Conservatives will continue to fight for Canadians

March 2023 e-Newsletter: Justin Trudeau's $43 billion bonanza

February 2023 e-Newsletter: Cost of living is unsustainable for Canadian families

December 2022 e-Newsletter: Christmas Greetings from Cathay

November 2022 e-Newsletter: Everything feels broken. Conservatives will fix it. 

October 2022 e-Newsletter: 'The bill is coming due' on Canada's most expensive government

September 2022 e-Newsletter: Poilievre leads Conservatives into new Parliamentary season

August 2022 e-Newsletter: Liberal-made recession on the horizon as Parliament returns

July 2022 e-Newsletter: Trudeau's war on agriculture begins

May-June 2022 e-Newsletter: A summer of inflationary discontent

April 2022 e-Newsletter: A Budget far from moderate, responsible, or reasonable

March 2022 e-Newsletter: Canadians didn't vote for an NDP government

February 2022 e-Newsletter: Canada Invokes Emergencies Act | Ukraine in Crisis

January 2022 e-Newsletter: Convoy for Freedom rolls through SK

December 2021 e-Newsletter: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

November 2021 e-Newsletter: Speech from the Throne promises more of the same

October 2021 e-Newsletter: Thank you, Yorkton-Melville

July-August 2021: A Pattern of Disrespect for Saskatchewan 

June-July 2021: A time to heal and Secure the Future

May-June 2021: A Time of Mourning for Lives Lost - Past & Present

April 2021: Stop Justin Trudeau's Internet Censorship Bill

March 2021: Secure the Future

February 2021: Liberal firearms bills make Canadians no safer

January 2021: Unleash the potential of the hard-working Canadian 

December 2020: Merry Christmas to you and yours!

November 2020: "The Great Reset?"

October 2020: An eventful return of Parliament

September 2020: Speech from the Throne Town Hall with Pierre Poilievre, MP!

August 2020: Volunteers - The heart of our communities

July 2020: No Ordinary Summer

June 2020: Restore Parliament. Sign Petition e-2629.

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