MP Wagantall frustrated by Liberal government as small businesses fall short of CEBA eligibility

For Immediate Release

OTTAWA, ON - Following yesterday’s federal government announcement to expand the eligibility criteria for those applying for the Canada Emergency Business Account (CEBA), Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton-Melville, said she continues to be disappointed by the Liberals’ non-sensical approach to determining which small businesses should be eligible for federal support.

“It appears the Prime Minister prefers doing incremental announcements that allow him to keep dictating communications rather than doing what’s best for our small businesses,” said Wagantall.

“Right from the beginning of the COVID crisis, my Conservative colleagues have put forward practical, common sense solutions which would have had an immediate impact on our small businesses,” said Wagantall.  “Our solutions have ranged from refunding the GST remitted to provide immediate cash, to expanding the eligibility criteria and removing the requirement of a having a business account to qualify to CEBA.

“While I am pleased to see that the Liberals are implementing one of the proposed changes and will now allow more businesses, including sole proprietors and dividend earners, to apply for CEBA, the business account requirement remains in place.”

As a small business owner herself, Wagantall said many small business owners use their personal bank accounts for their operations.  The type of bank account used by a business owner should have no bearing on eligibility for government support.

“Conservatives are calling on the government to make the CEBA more accessible to businesses by removing the requirement to have a business account,” said Wagantall.  “Canada’s Conservatives will continue to put forward practical solutions to fix the Trudeau government’s programs so that no small business falls through the cracks.”


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