Wagantall rejects Budget 2023’s ‘war on work’

For Immediate Release

Ottawa, ON – Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton—Melville, has rejected the recently-tabled federal budget as a continuation of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s record of high taxes and inflationary deficits.

“I will not be supporting this budget,” said Wagantall.

“It proposes $43 billion of new inflation, debt, and taxes that will only worsen the cost-of-living crisis for the people of Yorkton—Melville.”

The 2023-24 federal budget was tabled in the House of Commons on Tuesday by the Liberal government. Of key concern to Wagantall is the gross cost for all new spending commitments contained within it, amounting to $4,300 of debt for every Canadian family. Prior to budget day, Wagantall and her Conservative colleagues presented the Minister of Finance with a list of priorities designed to make the budget “work for the people who work.”

“We asked for a plan to increase the power of Canadians’ paycheques by lowering taxes and scrapping the carbon tax,” she said.

“We also asked for an end to massive deficits and out-of-control spending that only prolongs the inflation crisis. Lastly, we called for the removal of government gatekeepers in order to free up land and speed up building permits. After eight years of Trudeau, young people are unable to afford their first home and start their families.”

Wagantall noted that none of these demands were met by the federal budget and, therefore, Conservative MPs would be voting against it.

“These reasonable and limited requests were made with workers, families, and the cost-of-living crisis top of mind. Each one has been rejected in exchange for more debt, more inflation, and more costs on the backs of hardworking people. It is a clear continuation of the Liberals’ war on work. That’s why we will be voting against this budget.”

While noting that Conservatives will take every opportunity to oppose the budget in the House, it is Wagantall’s expectation that it will pass as a result of the NDP-Liberal coalition. As a result, she said that voters have a clear choice for how taxpayers’ money is spent beyond the next election.

“Only the Conservative Party can deliver a country that works for people who work. We must bring back the common sense of common people to government.”


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