Wagantall: Speech from the Throne void of action plan, fails to unite Canadians


OTTAWA, ON— Cathay Wagantall, Member of Parliament for Yorkton—Melville, today expressed her disappointment in the Liberal government’s Speech from the Throne.

“It’s clear that Justin Trudeau didn’t suspend parliament to develop a responsible plan to protect Canadians from COVID-19 and set our economy on the road to recovery,” said Wagantall. “He prorogued parliament solely to shut down committees and to avoid scrutiny of his and his cabinet’s ethical violations.”

Wednesday’s Speech from the Throne officially resumed the normal business of parliament after a 6-month hiatus and laid out the agenda of the Liberal government for the coming months. In addition to concerns about a public health plan and economic recovery, Wagantall had hoped that the Speech would have addressed growing frustration in Western Canada.

“The speech failed to mention Western alienation and national unity concerns,” continued Wagantall. “The West was ignored other than to be lectured that our Agriculture and Resource industries must move to zero emissions. Both are the backbone of this country and the means to digging us out of a trillion-dollar deficit while continuing to be world leaders in greening the globe.” 

The Speech also failed to commit to an increase in health transfers, which was a top ask of the provinces. Instead of giving the provinces the resources they need to fight the pandemic, the Liberals are once again interfering in provincial jurisdiction. Wagantall noted that Justin Trudeau didn’t  offer a plan to deal with a second wave of COVID-19 beyond shutting down the Canadian economy.

“Canadians are being blamed for a second wave of COVID-19 when it was the Liberal government that put us in far greater harm’s way in the first place, and then shut down our economy,” said Wagantall.  “Conservatives will fight for a credible plan that will keep Canadians safe, while ensuring jobs are protected.”

Wagantall is concerned about the absence of any concrete economic plan in the Throne Speech, noting that Canadians are looking toward their post-pandemic future and want to know that there are job-creation plans in place.

“Re-announcing and extending the current COVID support programs for small and medium enterprises does not incentivize or stimulate job growth. Out of almost 6,800 words in the Throne Speech, economic development is only mentioned once.”

“At a time when we should be united across this country in our resolve to beat this pandemic and rebuild our economy, what the Liberals delivered were recycled promises, reannouncements, and a refusal to recognize the West as an equal participant in our recovery.”

“It’s impossible for me to support this Throne Speech.”